Along with the products featured below, we also stock a number of additional products:

We offer a range of straights including flaked maize, barley, peas, sugar beet nuts and sugar beet shreds.

  • Dairy
    Our dairy feeds are formulated to obtain optimal milk yield and milk protein, wh... View
  • Beef
    Our range of beef feeds are formulated specifically to help maintain optimal gro... View
  • Calf
    We offer a range of calf starter rations formulated to support optimal growth in... View
  • Sheep
    We offer a range of course mixes and nuts to support all life stages and product... View
  • Goat
    We offer a range of highly palatable nuts suitable for both diary and beef herds... View
  • Camelids
    We offer a specialist camelid feed developed in association with experienced nut... View
  • Back Yard Range
    Back Yard Range
    Our poultry range has been formulated to provide a balanced diet for all types o... View
  • Blue Sky Calf Feed
    Blue Sky Calf Feed
    The Blue Sky Calf Feed range was designed to promote calf performance at every k... View
  • Pigs
    Our range of pig feed has been developed over years of research and in depth kno... View