We offer a range of highly palatable nuts suitable for both diary and beef herds, formulated to achieve maximum productivity. Our goat feed contains high quality protein to support top performance with essential vitamins and minerals to promote healthy hooves.

Irwins Blue Sky Goat Maximise 

  • 4 sources of fibre for gut health
  • 2 sources of cereals for energy
  • Contains specifically formulated minerals for goats
  • Soya Bean Free
  • Highly palatable ideal for fussy eaters 
  • Pellet for less waste 

"I find the Blue Sky Maximise pellet is really palatable. It provides everything they need and made a big difference to my goats after only 3 months. It is fully balanced which gives me peace of mind and helps to reduce the risk of bladder stones" - Carina Herten (Owner of Happy Goat Soap)